Eyebrow Microblading in Airdrie

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Nobody has perfect eyebrows. But if you were not blessed with fully grown eyebrows or you accidentally over plucked your eyebrows and the hairs are not growing back, then this is for you! 

Microblading gives you semi-permanent eyebrows by filling in sparse areas with hair-like strokes. Ideally, microblading helps to reconstruct your eyebrows by filling in sparse areas, and giving you the look of fully groomed eyebrows. You can feel confident and relieved to wake up in the morning with beautiful eyebrows without the need for makeup!

Microblading by Kim

Kim - Spa Esthetician

Kim is our Microblading artist . Kim was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and has developed a passion for cosmetic tattooing. This passion stems from the diagnosis of late onset alopecia incurred by her aunt in 2014.Being able to correct and improve the appearance and wellbeing of her clients makes for a highly rewarding career. She comes from a nutrition background and made the career switch 2 years ago. 
Kim trained in Vancouver under Lisa Lam who has over 25 years of experience with a skilful hand and medical knowledge as an ophthalmologist. 

She is very passionate about her work ,  Now as a certified Microblading Artist , Kim's goal is to provide women and men with eyebrows that they'll be happy waking up to every morning!

Initial visit is $399 plus tax 
 $65 for touchps which might be needed within 2 months.

Future touchups 
1 year - $150
2 years - $250
3 years - $350 / based pigment left

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