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Firma Energywear

We are please to offer Firma Energywear in Airdrie.

It is made from the Smart Technology fabric that has active bio-crystals imbedded in the fiber which transfer body heat back as infrared energy - which help increase micro circulation.

Infrared benefit - Red light easily penetrates the skin, boosts circulation and bringing more blood and nutrients to the area.

Firma Energywear Airdrie

How does it work? FIRMA energywear absorbs “infrared” waves emitted by human body and re-emits the absorbed resonance as “far infrared” waves, which then penetrate the human body, promoting blood micro-circulation, vasodilation, and muscle tissue stimulation to a depth of 5cm.

What are “Far-infrared” waves? Far-infrared waves are electromagnetic in nature; invisible to the naked eye and characterized by low energy and shallow penetration. Their effect on the body occurs without any collateral damage to biological tissues. “Far Infrared” waves are able to stimulate the human body through the strong interaction they have with water molecules which represent 70% of human body mass.


  • Thermoregulation(dont feel hot in summer and cold in winter)
  • It is good for everyone – pregnant moms, diabetes, fibro myalgia, atheletes, travelers, and more!
  • Joint Pains
  • Increased muscle recovery and lactic acid is removed from the body 35% quicker
  • No moisture retention in the fabric, it is 100% breathable, it is odor-free, and it has a sun block of 50 SPF!