Firma Energy Wear

We are please to offer Firma Energywear in Airdrie in our Store front.

It is made from the Smart Technology fabric that has active bio-crystals imbedded in the fiber which transfer body heat back as infrared energy - which help increase micro circulation.

Infrared benefit - Red light easily penetrates the skin, boosts circulation and bringing more blood and nutrients to the area.

Beneficial - 
thermoregulation(dont feel hot in summer and cold in winter) ,
- joint pains

-increased muscle recovery and lactic acid is removed from the body 35% quicker

- is no moisture retention in the fabric, it is 100% breathable, it is odor-free, and it has a sun block of 50 SPF!

- It is good for everyone – pregnant moms, diabetes, fibro myalgia, atheletes, travelers, and more!