About Anna's Spa & Wellness Centre

Special Promotions

Special Promotions for August

We put great value and dedication into understanding what our customers want and how we can help them achieve their needs through various spa services. To show our appreciation, we will be offering you special promotions throughout the year. Please call us for details. Monthly Specials are not valid with any discounts, coupons/cards unless it is specified.

Holiday Notice

We will be closed for Heritage Day Monday, August 05 2019


We also Offer:

Acupunture & TCM , Massage Therapies, Facials, Botox, fillers, vein treatments, Micro Exfoliations, Waxing & Threading, Laser Treatments, and much more...

Offering Laser Therapy for Acute & Chronic pain the perfect addition to your wellness routine.

This year be sure to take care of your body!

Now Offering
  • Manual Osteopathy
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Botox for TMJ Pain
  • Ideal Protein Weight Loss

Specials- Call or email to Schedule Appointment

  • Bamboo Massage by our RMT
  • $79(reg. $99)
  • Bamboo Massage promotes circulation, as well as a deep sense of relaxation. During the treatment bamboo sticks are warmed up and used to massage the body using a combination of rolling, sliding, kneading, and tapping to relieve and renew stressed muscles.
  • Advance Sea Facial
  • $65 reg $72
  • Customized based on skin type.Includes Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, Extraction and Face massage including decollete
  • Annual Airdrie Food Bank Fund Raiser Sunday August 18th 10 am to 3 pm
  • Brow Threading / Waxing $10
  • Chair Massage $10
  • Hair Cut by Hair Lounge $10 (Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • All Proceeds will go to Airdrie Food Bank

Member's Specials

  • Supreme Pedicure & Advance Sea Facial
  • $107 reg $127

Student Massage Therapy

  • If you dont have benefit or ran out of benefits try massage therapy session with our final year RMT student
  • 60 Mins Massage Therapy by Final year Student $35
  • Not Covered by Insurance