About Anna's Spa & Wellness Centre

Our Cancellation Policy

Appointment Cancellation Policy


We will be more than happy to have you our esteemed guest in our spa. You can book your appointment by please calling (403)980-2662 or emailing us or filling up appointment form.

Cancellation Policy

  • Regular appointments can be rescheduled by calling or emailing us at least 6 hours in advance.
  • Group of 2 or more people: we require 48 hours cancellation notice.
  • The seats in our Spa are limited, and we have to reject new requests when we are full, so last minute cancellations involve a $25 fee or 50% of the service fee value. This Fee also applies to no-shows.
  • These last-minute cancellations, in fact, leave workers without work and with empty appointments that could be booked by other customers. We just ask you respect your appointment and our time.

Cell Phone & Voice Tone

To keep a relaxed climate for you and other clients, we ask that incoming calls are silenced and set your ringtone to Silent. If you must answer the call, could you please speak in a low voice tone throughout your stay at the spa.

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates can be purchased for the dollar value amount or for a service(s). Each Gift Certified contains a personal number and is non-refundable. They can be used for Spa services, they cannot be transferred to cash.


The staff is not responsible for your children; Children should only be at the spa, if they are attending a treatment. We do not have the facilities to care take care of children, and we hope you understand we cannot assure their safety in a professional environment. We do not want to compromise the relaxation of your visit and our other guests. We hope for your understanding.



Prices may change without notice, although we will do our best to keep prices unchanged. If there is a change in price to any of our services it will be updated on our website.

Product Refunds

There are no refunds on opened products or unopened unless a medically proven allergic reaction is determined by a physician. At which time, the product needs to be returned to The Anna's Spa & Wellness Centre within 15 days of purchase.

Pregnancy and Health

Some treatments may not be safe for pregnant women or someone with certain health conditions. Please inform the staff of your current medical history during your booking so that we can offer you the best service. Before each treatment please notify the staff of any changes to your medical history since your last visit.

Direct Billing

    We offer direct billing to most of the Insurance companies
.Please contact us before booking your appointment to ensure we direct bill to your company. If in the the event your insurance plan does not cover your treatment 100% or benefits limit is reached you will be responsible for making the full or remaining payment. This also applies to technical issues, if your provider portal is unavailable to use, ex. Down for updates. We kindly ask you pay for your treatment and we will provide you a copy of the receipt to submit.

Respectful behaviour towards our staff

Our operators are certified professionals who work for your well-being. Please keep a polite and respectful attitude towards them. The staff is authorized to stop the treatment in case of inappropriate behavior