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Just for Teens

Skincare For Teens

During your teen years, it’s easy to take your youth for granted. For most teens, the only life known is one of strength, resiliency, energy, and the ability to “bounce back”, but this quickly slows down as one gets a little older. When you talk to adults in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, many of which are battling serious skin issues, most say the same thing – they wish they had taken better care of their skin while they were in their teens.

Acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and scarring are a few common skin problems that most battle during their teen years, and that can have lasting repercussions if not cared for during this time.

The services we provide for teens looking to take control of their skin for the right now, and for the long haul, include:

  • Brow threading and waxing – For just $11.99, teens can shape and maintain their brows in a healthy and easy to manage way. Early eyebrow care can help teens in creating a manageable maintenance routine going forward, and by using simple, minimally uncomfortable, and quick tried and true methods.
  • Underarm Wax $11.99
  • Lower leg Wax $28.99
  • Forearm Wax $19
  • Teen facial – $55, our professionals will address teen skin concerns, and craft a working regimen to help to restore the balance, glow, and health of the skin. Perfect for events or any time the skin needs a breath of new life, results can be seen immediately.
  • Acne treatment - For teens, acne can be a painful problem both physically and emotionally. Acne treatments are geared toward restoring balance to teen skin, showing acne breakouts and the pigmentation problems they leave behind whose boss.
  • Complimentary skin consultations - With a complimentary skin consultation, teens can learn more about their skin, and what approach they should take in maintaining its general health and wellness.