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Harnessing your body energy to...

Harnessing your body energy to provide therapeutic far-infrared benefits through an advanced ‘smart fabric’

FIRMA is made with a special fabric that has a perfectly balanced mix of biocrystal, bioceramic, and mineral incorporated into it in a permanent fashion.

This mix of crystal/ceramic/mineral is able to ‘capture’ & reflect the wearer’s body heat back to them as far-infrared energy, which can provide a multitude of benefits for the wearer. These benefits can include:

  - Thermoregulation(dont feel hot in summer and cold in winter)

  - It is good for everyone – pregnant moms, diabetes, fibro myalgia, atheletes, travelers, and more!
  - Increased muscle recovery and lactic acid is removed from the body 35% quicker
  - No moisture retention in the fabric, it is 100% breathable, it is odor-free, and it has a sun block of 50 SPF!



Reduction of Cellulite

Improved Skin Smoothness

Better Skin Firmness & Elasticity

Increased Collagen Synthesis

Younger looking Skin

Fashionable Shaping


Improved Performance during wear
(increased reflexes, more strength, less fatigue)

General Wellness

Increased Thermoregulation while exercising

Improved biostimulation & muscle recovery

Less muscular oxygen consumption


Wellness & Pain Care

Increased skin & tissue microcirculation

Improved Thermoregulation

Far-infrared therapy benefits