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Airdrie Facial Services

Airdrie Facial Services

While facials can definitely be considered a form of indulgent pampering, you should not overlook the enormous benefits it holds for your skin. Regular facials can provide an individual with both long and short-term benefits.

Getting to Know Your Skin

When you visit Anna’s Spa & Wellness Centre in Airdrie for your Facial service, the aesthetician will go to work assessing your current skin condition. They will then begin to dicuss any skin issues you may have so that they can better advise you on what product to use or what treatments you may need regarding your skin type.


Often, people are not aware of some common conditions they may have such as rosacea or dehydrated skin. They may also not be aware that certain products they are using are contributing to their irritated skin.

Maintaining regular visits to the spa will help keep your skin health on track and will put you on the right path to cleaning out your pores to allow your skin to breathe better. Regular appointments are a must due to the ever-changing properties of our skin.

Extraction to Clear Pores

If you find that you have blackheads, pimples, and clogged pores, then extraction is what you will need to clear your skin. Extraction is done through a very delicate process and is done both hygienically and carefully as not to cause further irritation.

Regularly extractions to clear out the pores will award you with clearer skin that is less prone to breakouts.

Seasonal Skin Changes

Regular facial appointments can also help educate us on the many seasonal changes our skin goes through. Factors like the temperature, humidity level, and sun can cause our skin to become dehydrated and damaged.

Regular facials will help restore any lost moisture and invigorate and nourish our complexion and prep it for the next seasonal change it may undergo.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of regular facial appointments include refreshed and relaxed skin with a facial massage. The massage can also help remove toxins and encourage lymphatic draining.

You will also receive home skincare guidance from our trained estheticians who are knowledgeable about skincare products and will know exactly what to recommend for your skin type. They can also help monitor your skin for any changes and make new suggestions based on how your skin changes.

If you are ready to book an appointment, we are located in Airdrie downtown. We offer facials that are customized to fit the needs of every skin type.

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